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Seeley Cup

Fantastic day of Racing and Pb’s a plenty for EAH at the Seeley Cup yesterday afternoon. On a perfect day for running there was a great turnout with 14 EAH running in a field of over 800. First home for the club was David Turtle. Coming in behind him there was 10k pbs for Rick Hill, Michael McDonald, Michael Allen, John Rooney and Tim Khanna. Just reward for some good hard training over the past few months.Well done to everyone who represented the club and thanks to Willowfield Harriers for hosting the event.

EAH Results and Chip Times:

121st David Turtle 35:32
130th John Neill 36:06
139th Steven Beggs 36:29
142nd Rick Hill 36:41
201st Michael McDonald 37:59
206th Michael Allen 37:55
226th John Rooney 38:21
229th Ross Mercer 38:22
290th Peter Fraser 40:05
346th Andy Liddle 41:15
369th Tim Khanna 41:53
469th Johnny Doey 44:47
597th Kirstie Annett 48:32
598th Marty McMillan 48:32