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Training nights:

  • Tuesday: Speed, interval & hill sessions.
  • Thursday: Tempo/steady runs of varying distances to suit ability.

Club training nights leave from the club house at 7pm and there are changing and shower facilities for both men and women on site. Long runs at the weekends are organised on training nights by the members. We welcome runners of all abilities. From 5K to Ultra marathon and everything in between.

Tuesday nights alternate between speed, interval & hill work sessions. Thursday nights are tempo/steady runs of varying distances, usually between 6-10 miles. Different groups go out together at varying pace and distance. 

Tuesday nights training always starts and finishes at the club house with a 1.5mile/ 2mile (depending on the group) slow, steady warm up and cool down run. All efforts on Tuesday nights should be run at a pace which is sustainable to complete the session. To gain the most benefit from the session the last effort should be completed in or around the same time as the first.

Tuesday nights, alternating weekly:

800m efforts:
  • Group A: 8 x 800 mtr efforts with 1 min recovery (speed)
  • Group B: 6 x 800 mtr efforts with 1 min recovery (speed)
Hill training:
  • Group A: 200 mtr hill (steady) recover down hill, x10 efforts (hill/strength)
  • Group B: Same as the (A) group only 6-8 efforts depending on ability. (hill/strength)
Pyramid training:
  • Group A: 100 mtr fast, 100 mtr slow, 200 mtr fast, 200 mtr slow, 300 mtr fast, 300mtr slow, 400 mtr fast, 400 mtr slow. Then complete pyramid in reverse. (interval)
  • Group B: Same as (A) group with efforts completed at a steady pace suitable to ability.
Chain running:
  • Group A: Groups of 5-6 runners running in column formation at a slow steady pace over a set undulating distance, with the back runner continually running to the front until the distance is complete. 3 min recovery then return to start point.
  • Group B: Same as (A) group only at slower effort pace.
Track Sessions:

Various track sessions at Antrim Forum during September, October, November.

Interval training:
  • Group A: 150 mtr fast, 200 mtr slow, 200 mtr fast, 100mtr Slow, x10 efforts (interval)
  • Group B: Same distance as (A) group only 8 efforts (interval)

"This time next year, you will wish that you had started today"